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Virgo On Virgo

And Shades Thereof...

The Virgo

There is so much that could be said about the Virgo. To give just a few lines
would be an understatement and a borderline criminal case of neglective
description. So here are a few links specifically on the wonderful Virgo.
Oh yeah, remember, some of these sites were created by Non-Virgos, so take
it all with a grain of salt, hell maybe even a teaspoon.

Virgoan Links
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Moons Over Virgo


Self Expression - You're a dynamo, but too impulsive and emotional.
Remember, you're a Virgo, find the middleground.

Romance - This is one time when this moon is a perk. So go for the
gusto and tell that Virgo sun to stay home while you howl at the moon.

Health - Watch out for migraines and stress related illnesses.

Impulses - You are an impulse junkie, guard you wallet.

Parents - Usually make supportive, no-nagging parents.

Overall - Aries fires up the solid Virgo, just make sure you're
ready for the aftershocks.


Self Expression - You are a fountain of potential, explore it!

Romance - You're a teddy bear, don't go green-eyed on your lover.

Health - Take care of your throat and your gut, beware of chocolate.

Impulses - You're talent for business is coupled by a sense of luxury.

Parents - A little strict, but up for the parent of the year awards.

Overall - You're Earth twice over, but Taurus calms the Virgo.


Expression - Ouch a double mercury, can we talk, about 100 mph non-stop.

Romance - This is a bit of mind game for you. Don't get too cocky.

Health - Watch out for respitory, joint, and nervous conditions.

Impulse - You are Mr. Wheeler-Delaer, buy-sell-buy some more.

Parents - Watch that mercurical tongue with your kids.

Overall - You can be brilliant, just don't analyze everything to death.


Self Expression - You're creative, don't fight it. But try not to worry so much.

Romance - You are the most emotional Virgoan, don't be so over protective.

Health - Watch out for your stomach. Try to relax, eat right, and exercise.

Impulse - Being prudent is one thing, but penny-pinching is another.

Parents - You're a natural parent, beware kids do grow up, avoid nostalgia.

Overall - Between the Virgo's mind and Cancer's imagination your worries
could reach a grand scale if you don't rein them in. Don't scare yourself silly.


Self Expression - Virgo's wit with Leo's charm, you've got a winner.

Romance - Fiery Leo dispels the modesty of the Virgo and stokes the flames.

Health - Be sure to get exercise and take care your heart and back.

Impulse - Virgoan conservatism clashes with Leo extravagance.

Parents - You're an enthusiastic parent, be sure to listen to your children.

Overall - Now this is a Virgo with confidence, look out.


Self Expression - Talkative, brilliant, and capable, beware self-doubt.

Romance - Let yourself feel love and be loved. Don't critique your lover.

Health - Try homeopathics, yoga, anything to calm your worries and anxiety.

Impulse - Excuse, but do we even have a pulse here?

Parents - Remember hugs count as much as dazzling displays of information.

Overall - Double Virgo, now this could be problematic if you're not careful.


Self Expression - Hey Doris Day be careful with that Que-sera of yours.

Romance - Have you ever heard of breaks, it's that big pedal on the left.

Health - Head-aches, kidney problems, weight issues, you've got them all.

Impulse - Be careful with the cash, get help with it if necessary.

Parents - This is one place you're going to take a stand and be firm.

Overall - Libra gab with the Virgoan mind, a potent combination.


Self Expression - You're the master of details, don't forget the big picture.

Romance - Sex is great, but Virgo's criticism and Scorp's jealousy can be bad.

Health - You're prone to stomach ailments, infections, and hypochondria.

Impulse - You're great at business, good enough to support your lifestyle.

Parents - In a word - STRICT, but your kids will have values and manners.

Overall - You seek truth, emotional fulfillment, and certainty.


Self Expression - Here's a student, remember there's a world out there.

Romance - Target sighted, systems locked on target, all systems go!

Health - Take care, you're prone to intestinal and liver problems.

Impulse - You're a gambler, just make you've got enough cover any losses.

Parents - Tend to be very interactive and enthusiastic parents.

Overall - Great learner, but be careful not to appear overly callous or cold.


Self Expression - Take about Mr. Relaible, you're pragmatic to the core.

Romance - Relax, have some wine, just let go and have fun for once.

Health - Skin, bones, and teeth are your weak spots.

Impulse - Almost as tight as a Cancer, but you've got a good taste.

Parents - Those are children, not short adults, remember that.

Overall - You have the ability to go all the way.


Self Expression - Creative, Vivacious, Outgoing, Unconventional, Fun.

Romance - Make up your mind, do you want it or not, it's all up to you.

Health - You're subject to circulatory problems, stay warm in the winter.

Impulse - Watch those credit cards, and think about a financial counselor.

Parents - Very up to date, now trying being more expressive with your kids.

Overall - If it's new, you're in the middle of it. Don't second guess yourself.


Self Expression - You are empathetic, now all we need is confidence.

Romance - You're seeking Mr Right, don't fool yourself.

Health - Watch the feet. You're the most worrisome Virgo, relax.

Impulse - You're very generous, be careful not to get taken for a ride.

Parents - You flip flop here, strict/spoiling/distant/huggy.

Overall - You are restless and self-doubting, lighten up some.

Virgoan Moons

The cool Virgo brings some sense of civility to this, the most primal of signs.
Earth calms the fires and makes the Ram bearable. The practical
nature of the Virgin makes the agressive Aries a force to be reckoned with.

Not too sure about this mix, Taurans are already earthy and don't need any
help with stability. Perhaps the greatest gift of the Virgo for the Bull is the
sense to know when to be stubborn and when to let it slide.

This must be a confusing mix for the poor Gemini. The Twins are bouncing all
over the place and the Virgo is screaming for some consistency. Virgo
can calm the swings of this maelstrom of ideas, emotions, and personalities.

Let's worry some more and make that penny scream even louder
as we pinch it in half. Don't let Virgo's intellect confirm your worst fears
or you'll wind up paying some doctor $200 an hour to hold your hand.

Virgin and Lion, powerful combination. When this beast roars, he knows
what he's after and he'll get it. When the Virgin's intellect meets the Leo's
chutzpah, well look out world, there's a new contender.

Well it could be worse, the ascendent could be in Virgo too, nasty thought
a triple Virgo. You are Virgo there's no escape. I just hope
there's a fun sign waiting gor you over the horizon.

Hopefully Virgo will make you make up your mind. Some call it diplomacy,
I prefer indecision, but I'm a Virgo, so sue me. Virgo guides your changes
and make some sense out of the currents of the Air signs.

Lethal combination if you're not careful. Between you're Scorpion
sting and Virgoan tongue, no sign could ever withstand a full on assault.
Be careful, use your gifts to better yourself not destroy everything in sight.

What can I say about the sign of luck. Hmm, well maybe, be thankful for
your Virgoan moon, now you've got some skill and talent to back you up
when Lady Luck slaps in you in the face.

Intuition and Intellect equal a business dynamo, but can be a cold fish as well.
Believe it or not, there's more to life than money. And some of the most
valuable things in the world can't be bought or acquired via economics.

The virgin brings vision to this sign. Aquarians can be somewhat of
schemers, with little foresight of the consequences. Never fear
the Virgo will make sure you never get egg in your face.

This can be an miserable mix. Pisceans are prone to self deception and
indulgence, neither go well with the practical Virgo. If the Fish listen,
they'll do well, if not the Virgo will drive them to the brink of insanity.