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Virgoan Infamy

Or Just Famous Virgos

From Actor to Clergy, Writer to President, Showman to Athlete, the Virgo has done it all.
The list below is just a sampling of some famous or infamous Virgos.

Jane Addams
Cleveland Amory
Lauren Bacall
Anne Bancroft
Aubrey Beardsley
Ingrid Bergman
Charles Boyer
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Kitty Carlisle
Ray Charles
Maurice Chevalier
Agatha Christie
Leonard Cohen
Claudette Colbert
Sean Connery
Queen Elizabeth
Jose Feliciano
Greta Garbo
Mitzi Gaynor
Charles Dana Gibson
Peggy Guggenheim
O. Henry
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Karen Horney
Robert Indiana
Jesse James
Lyndon Johnson
Ruby Keeler
Gene Kelly
Joe Kennedy
Stephen King
Alan Ladd
D. H. Lawrence
Sophia Loren
Louis MacNeice
Roddy McDowall
Maria Montessori
Grandma Moses
Louise Nevelson
Arnold Palmer
Martha Raye
Mickey Rooney
Sonia Sanchez
Margaret Sanger
Wm. H. Taft
Leo Tolstoy
Lilly Tomlin
Lurleen Wallace
H. G. Wells