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Ask Professor Virgo

From The Desk Of Dr. Virgo, Ph.D.

As time passes people repeatedly ask me for advice or my opinion.  Imagine
that, someone asking a Virgo for advice or an opinion.  All I can say is that 
they were either very unaware of Virgoan nature, or they know all about the 
Virgo. And, know no one can give advice or commentary like a Virgo. 

Occasionally, I get a most excellent question and I'll be sharing these with you
here, as well as my responses. If you have a question for the professor, feel 
free to email me with your question at Please denote
professor or doctor in the subject header.   I look forward to your questions. 


My mom and girlfriend are virgos, I'm a sagittarious. My mom
and I get along most of the time and my girlfriend and I get
along very good. I've heard we're a poor match and your page
seems to confirm this, but we get along well. I've only managed
to make her mad by taking my joking around a little too far other
than that everything is perfect. Also my brother is a scorpio with a virgo girlfriend, whats up with that. I never really took any of
this horoscope stuff seriously. I mostly read mine for fun. The
other day my girlfriend's was very accurate, I was amazed.

So,what advice do you have for a guy surrounded by virgos.




First off, my page is very simplex in reference to astrology,
it's primarily a humorous site making fun of the stuffiness
that continuously surrounds the great Virgo, ha ha.

But as for your relationships with Virgos, it depends on a
combination of your three signs - Sun (birth sign), Moon
(subconscious), and your Rising or Ascendent (your developing
personality). So a person is a conglomerate of three signs or
more if the cusps get involved. I've met a few Sag's I get
along with well, but most have Earth moon's or ascendents
(Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn).

As for the Virgo-Scorpio thing, that's a relationship that
can be either heaven or hell on earth. Both signs are symbols
or truth and aesthetic ethics. Both signs focus on the
details of the situation and both tend to have memories like
an elephant. However, the Scorpio's truth is often based on
emotion and the Virgo's on ideology or philosophy. This can
often lead to a major clash. If the virgoan tongue and
scorpion sting are kept in check things will be great, if not
it will be the bout of the century, no one can fight like a
Virgo/Scorpio confrontation.

Horoscopes are the most minor part of Astrology. Astrology
depicts how a person's personality is affected by the celestial
arrangements at birth and throughout their life. A legitimate
horoscope takes a very long time to plot, and is compiled of
several charts and volumes of pages, not four lines in the
Sunday newspaper. A horoscope is a very personal thing and if
it's not intentionally designed for you personally, then you
might as well spin a giant wheel or grab a fortune cookie.
Most newspaper horoscopes are either computer generated or just
something someone thought sounded mystical and vague. So as
for the daily horoscopes, ignore them.

Hope that answered all your questions, if not email me again.

Have Fun